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Education is the basis on which a person can build his or her future. Numerous studies have indicated that education is one of the key factors for successful economic development. Providing education not only enables individuals to benefit but also the country as a whole.

Unfortunately, people living in remote areas only rarely have access to adequate educational services. For this reason, IMFUNDO focusses on the needs of kids and young adults in these regions by promoting and supporting the opportunities for creating better professional education.

In order to maximise the value of any funds we receive, we provide material annually without giving the relevant locations in Africa the donations in cash, so that misappropriation of them is prevented. Thus, we can, with the support of your patronage jointly provide better opportunities for young pupils, enabling them to free themselves from poverty and hunger!

Your support will help Imfundo education achieve the following:

  • Families in countries with a low level of education tend to have more children – often up to seven. Promoting education supports family planning and delays the date of marriage, both of which tend to increase the future quality of life of young adults.
  • Young people in countries with a low level of education tend to marry at a young age. Promoting education, and thereby delaying the date of marriage, creates a better quality of life.
  • Each completed school year increases the potential future income of a child by about 15 – 25%. The fact that young people in Africa invest up to 70% of their earnings in their family means that a better education is likely to lead to better health for more families in Africa.

Together with you, we can facilitate better education in Africa!

“IMFUNDO’s workshops for Microsoft Office were highly appreciated at St Paul’s Secondary School.”

Mr Samuel Chip,
Headmaster of St. Paul's Secondary School, Lusaka, Zambia

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With just 200 Swiss francs you can enable IMFUNDO to buy a secondhand computer.
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With just 50 Swiss francs you can contribute to the purchase of stationery for a class for a year.
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With just 100 Swiss francs we are able to purchase books for an entire class for a year.
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